The Can-Can Recipe

1 x Experienced South African commercials producer

1 x Flexible production company infrastructure

1 x Foolproof Cape Town City Bowl

1 x Fat-free budgeting philosophy

1 x Comprehensive locations Database

Dollops of energy commitment passion and professionalism

A pinch of Wicked humour

A platter of South Africa East Africa and Indian Ocean Islands

  • Take the highly experienced commercials producer Di Britz and combine with a flexible production company infrastructure – Film Afrika.
  • Mixed together thoroughly in the Cape Town City Bowl into a smooth consistency.
  • Add fat-free budgeting philosophy and toss well garnish with remainder of ingredients.
  • Serve on the South African, East & Central African and Indian Ocean Islands platter.

…. and Can-Can Films is instantly available for your service excellence and enjoyment!

Can-Can Films is a Production Service Company based in Cape Town, facilitating shoots in Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Owner and Founder, Di Britz, is a respected and highly experienced producer of many years standing, and leads by example with her own brand of “Can-Do” attitude. Combining a wicked sense of humour and playfulness with uncompromising production professionalism, she is best known for her hands-on producing and budget control, as well as creative problem-solving talents.

“Just a note to say thanks for everything! We are in the middle of editing and the footage looks spectacular.”
Matt Lenski (Award Winning Sears Commercials) 
Director – Supply & Demand, LA

“ I have worked in SA a few times, but this was by far the best! The team you put together for the project was all top notch. I loved..making the finances work for my budget was never a problem…I love the fact that you are a “yes” girl!  I cannot wait to work with you again. Once again, thank you for an experience I will never forget!”
Rita le Roux, Producer
Supply&Demand, LA

“Hi Di,  I’m still glowing in the bask of my amazing time spent in Cape Town working with you all…. Thanks again for a wonderful shoot.”
Jeremy Lamin
Creative Director – McGarry Bowan, NY

“Thanks Di…Could not have done Africa without you!
Bryan H. Carroll
Producer – The Invisible Highway, LA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Rika Osenberg
Sr. Head of Production ,Supply & Demand LA

“Thanks Di, and what a marvellous way to finish the job – with a refund! You can bet we’ll be pushing to shoot more in ZA.”
Toby Tobias,
Producer – Toast TV

“I want to thank you for pulling out all the stops as always Di. I can’t think of a better go to person for us to have in SA……!”
Ginger Wilson
Owner/Exec Producer – Ginger Ink, Kenya (2012)

“Di, you and your team, all the way down the line, great people. Thank you again.”
Elaine Hinton
Agency Producer – TBWA/Chiat, LA

“Di not only exceeded our expectations, but was essential with handling all our requests and logistics while in Kenya.
Chris Hampel
Associate Producer “The Invisible Highway (feature Documentary)

“Hey Di , I just wanted to extend mine and Angus’ deepest gratitude.. You guys really looked after us. We are very grateful and pleased with how the job went. I just wanted to thank you personally….”
David Aylesbury
Creative Director – Frame Creates, UK

“Thanks Di… And thank you again for your incredibly hard work and dedication on the project, as always!!!
XOAlexis Kaplan
Co-Head of Production, Supply&Demand NY

“Thank you very much. I have to thank you again for your great work”
SILBERSALZ Film GmbH,  Stuttgart

“.thanks for everything team did a fantastic job!”
Robyn Moskow
Producer, Supply&Demand LA


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